Seasonal pests


The common and German wasps are the most common wasp pests throughout the UK and Northern Europe, they are between 10 and 20 millimetres in length, have distinctive bright yellow and black banding and have two pairs of membranous wings.


A bed bug, close up on a hand. Tiny yellow brown with large carapace, small pincers and six legs

Insects come in all shapes, sizes and forms, and it can be quite hard to identify the insect that is causing the pest problem. At Pest-a-Lance we offer a free initial survey to identify the exact pest and then can explain the appropriate treatment measures for the infestation. We cover everything from biting and stinging insects to insects that destroy stored products, materials and clothing.

Reasons for controlling insects: Disease transmission, allergies and phobias, stings and bites, damage to structures, fabrics and foods.


We work with our customers to help rid their homes of insects of various kinds as quickly as possible using top quality pesticides where needed and non-toxic measures when requested or environmentally required. Before anything we establish exactly which type of insect it is, as the eradication solution often depends upon this. using the wrong type of eradication and prevention techniques, or the wrong type of pesticide, can not only be ineffective (thus more costly for you) it can also unnecessarily endanger your environment.