profile image of a dog flea, showing the large hind legs for jumping onto hosts

About Fleas

Fleas are parasitic insects 2-3 mm in length and mostly shiny brown in colour. They have a thin flattened body and large hinge legs that allow them to jump onto passing hosts. There are various species of flea, usually named after the host on which they are found, so dog fleas are found on dogs, cats fleas on cats etc.

While they feed off the blood of the host, they live in animal bedding and carpets. The females lay 4-8 eggs after every blood feeding and these are distributed indiscriminately into the fur or feathers of the host. Once hatched the larvae thrive in dark humid places and live off of organic debris and adult flea excrement. 

Is there a health hazard?

There is very little evidence that fleas in the UK can transmit serious diseases to humans, however flea bites can cause skin irritation and serious distress. If you think you're having a serious reaction to a flea bite, contact your GP.

I have a flea infestation, what can I do?

Pest-a-Lance provides a free survey during which we will explain the extent of your infestation and make all the costs clear and upfront. Our treatment involves the eradication of the fleas and the removal of the larvae, we will also provide you with expert advice on how to stop this from ever happening again.